Health journalist BILL SARDI answers questions

Why did you write the BEYOND VACCINES white paper?

Two reasons.  One, I had recently written a report on the importance of zinc in the maintenance of a healthy thymus gland as we age in order sustain a healthy immune response throughout life.  The primary reason why older adults do not make sufficient antibodies after being vaccinated for the flu or pneumonia is that they don’t have a functional thymus gland.  I investigated further to find a zinc deficiency is why infants and children also do not produce sufficient antibodies following vaccination.  The two groups that do not respond well to vaccines have a shortage of zinc.  That is clear.  That modern medicine is doing nothing about this is startling.

Two, my own son is zinc deficient, has had five different skin conditions (moles, warts, Athlete’s foot, impetigo and folliculitis).  He is dyslexic (reading problems) and has other zinc-related behavioral and medical issues.  His immune system is compromised and he is obviously not a candidate for vaccination.  I tremble to think my son would be forced to undergo vaccination.  These two factors prompted me to dig deeper and write an authoritative report about the drawbacks of vaccination.

You are going up against a huge lobby of scientists and physicians who back universal vaccination for all.  Do you think your report will make a difference?

I don’t think anything is going to change the current pro-drug/pro-vaccine culture in American medicine any time soon.  The masses are going to have to venture out on their own to  eliminate the dangers vaccines pose and to become immune to infectious disease without dependence upon commercialized vaccines.

When the pro-vaccine forces can hide the fact a flu vaccine killed 93,000 elderly Americans in nursing homes in 1993, a flu outbreak that unexplainably lowered US life expectancy for the first time in eight decades, I began to wonder what else they are hiding.

The pro-vaccine lobby does not hold the high scientific ground and it has bloody hands.  The problem is, as we have discovered in recent political forays, the American news press is also completely bought off.  Reporters ridicule the anti-vaxxers.  Actress Jenny McCarthy is belittled for rejecting vaccines.  Of course, she is no scientist and one wonders if she isn’t being unwittingly used just to mischaracterize anti-vaxxers as mindless.

Knowing what I know, the coalition of 350 organizations that unequivocally back the vaccine agenda is appalling.  They have circled the wagons to protect their incomes.  The anti-vaccine crowd may offer up some marginal and narrow science in their opposition to mandated vaccines, but anti-vaxxers aren’t crazy, they aren’t offering up pseudoscience and they aren’t endangering other people’s lives.

Precisely, what is it that the advocates of vaccines are hiding?

They are hiding the fact that most unvaccinated healthy people infected with measles, mumps, poliovirus, chicken pox (herpes) or whooping cough (pertussis) are asymptomatic.  They don’t need vaccines.  Vaccination is the administration of antigenic material (a vaccine that contains live or killed pathogenic bacteria and viruses, or synthetic vaccines) to stimulate an individual’s immune system (T-cells) to develop long-term (adaptive/memory) immunity to a pathogen. Healthy people who are zinc-sufficient do this without vaccines. Modern medicine mischaracterizes this as “herd immunity,” saying vaccination of the masses results in immunity of the unvaccinated.  This is fallacious.  The zinc deficient, the young and the old, don’t produce sufficient antibodies, particularly what are called naïve T-cells that intercept all new pathogens and entrain the immune system  to provide life-long immunity.

This is why the pro-vaccine advocates also demonize nutritional therapy.  Nutrition is to the vaccine industry what garlic rings and sunlight are to Dracula.

What do you suggest people do?

I suggest they learn about zinc therapy.  I suggest they read a brochure that is now available online, ZINC & VACCINATION, which is a free download and print out.  I suggest mothers begin zinc therapy regimens for their children.  I suggest retirees make sure they are getting enough zinc.  There are some tricks to making zinc work that are covered in the brochure.  Taking the right form of zinc is also important.  And then we want to see people printing out the brochure and handing it to others.

How do you think the doctor community, especially pediatricians, is going to respond to your zinc campaign?

Doctors will respond as they predictably do every time. There will be denial.  There will be claims that zinc therapy has been tried with mixed results and is unproven (but not disproven, I might add).  Doctors are generally morons when it comes to nutrition.  They can quickly tell you what doesn’t work, but not what does work.

My son has a zinc deficiency.  His pediatrician, dermatologist and family physician are clueless as to why.  Really, modern medicine needs to be re-schooled.  Parents are going to have to move ahead on their own.  Doctors aren’t going to embrace zinc therapy.  And what harm could come from it?  Doctors are like some horror will erupt if kids take too much zinc while they over-vaccinate 99.999% of the children to prevent an a single imagined infectious-disease related death.

Why are we hearing about infectious disease outbreaks of whooping cough and measles when 95% of school children are vaccinated?

Vaccine companies have begun using synthetic acellular vaccines.  The vaccines are no longer made from live or killed viruses.  (To be precise, viruses aren’t living as they use a person’s own cellular machinery to replicate.)  Modern vaccines do not provide life-long immunity.  Modern vaccines activate humoral (in fluids) immunity but not cellular immunity.  The vaccine makers are salivating over the profits they will now generate from endless booster shots that have to be given.

While the vaccine makers attempt to add more potent heavy metal adjuvants (aluminum, mercury/thimerosal) and promote booster shots, there is no way to improve upon existing vaccines without addressing an immune system compromised by a shortage of zinc.

What is happening now is infectious disease outbreaks are being blamed on the unvaccinated when it is the acellular vaccines that do not provide lasting immunity that are the problem.

Also, public health authorities are admitting that some healthy kids that are inoculated (infected) don’t develop any symptoms and become silent carriers who expose immune-compromised older adults and other children they come in contact with who are either not vaccinated or whose immunity has worn off.  The threat is posed by the vaccinated, not the unvaccinated!

I guardedly say “threat” because infection is not a threat to produce morbidity (fever, rash, hospitalization) or mortality unless the individual’s immune system is dysfunctional.  If you truly want to make vaccines safer, you make sure infants, children, the immune compromised (diabetics, others) and the elderly have started on a zinc therapy regimen.  The thymus gland will enlarge and begin making T-memory cells again.  Then individuals will be asymptomatic (without symptoms) following vaccination.  However, they will also be asymptomatic following natural exposure and infection.  They essentially won’t need vaccines.

You say in your report BEYOND VACCINES that the vaccine industry is on a dead-end street.  Please explain.

There are 81 licensed vaccines in the U.S. that prevent ~26 different diseases. There are another 271 vaccines under development.  There are some 60 enteroviruses with only one enterovirus vaccine – poliovirus.  There are 23 strains of the human papilloma virus and a vaccine that only creates antibodies for 4 of these viral strains.  Vaccination has reached a point of impracticality.  And as previously stated, vaccines cannot be improved upon until the human immune system is optimized with zinc therapy.  Vaccine technology has reached a point of diminishing returns.  It is unconscionable that vaccine makers have gone to State legislatures to mandate vaccinations for school kids when we ought to urge the creation of standards of care that prioritize zinc therapy ahead of vaccination.

The human immune system has to be more powerful than vaccines or our species would have become extinct long ago. How did humanity survive in the era prior to vaccines?  Yes, there were hospitalizations and deaths, but that was due to a shortage of zinc, not a shortage of vaccines.  It is estimated about 2 billion of the world’s population of 7.4 billion people are zinc deficient.  Actually, that figure represents frank deficiency.  Far more people are zinc deficient than imagined.

What about getting a zinc blood test before embarking upon zinc therapy?

Zinc blood tests are notoriously misleading.  In fact, all nutrient blood levels only reflect recent consumption.  There is no pool of zinc in the body.  The turnover rate is rapid and it is excreted.  Maybe only 30-60% is absorbed and much of that is excreted.  All metals like zinc in the diet are bound to molecules that keep them from generating free radicals that destroy tissues.  Iron is bound (chelated, pronounced key-lay-ted) to ferritin, copper to ceruloplasmin and zinc to metallothionein (met-tallo-thy-o-neen).  When high doses of zinc are consumed zinc is tightly bound to metallothionein and the blood test is normal but very little zinc is available.  So zinc blood tests cannot be relied upon to determine adequacy.